Finding Faith

I found something I thought I lost nearly 30 years ago; almost to the day! It is amazing; it is my “Faith Study Guide.” I remember I began writing it for a teaching series and for my future magazine I was planning when I was in the pastorate, but I never had the opportunity to teach it in church. When it was nearing completion everything blew up in my life. My marriage ended, I was lied on, my ministry ended, friends chose sides, job gone, car repossessed, house gone, and monies were gone seemly overnight. Talk about needing faith during that situation (teachers teach thyself). I was an absolute heartbroken mess! The icing on the cake was when my apartment caught fire and I lost the last remaining evidence of physical wealth you know (designer clothes, shoes, purses, furniture, and computer with all my writings). Your girl was stripped bare! I was in survival mode and yes, I was angry real angry, but I’m much better now (ha)!

How did that Faith Study Guide survive all those catastrophes? How did it end up in my box of “old stuff?” I thought I lost it, but my Faith and Faith Study Guide survived to be printed 30 years later in FLM Magazine! Wow, talk about full circle! Below is an excerpt (may not be reprinted without my expressed written consent)

Faith Study Guide Excerpt

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