About The Magazine

The Dream

Faith, Life, and Music Magazine (FLM Magazine) has been a dream of mine for over 20-plus years (no exaggeration.) It all started in my suburban kitchen when I wanted to do something. I had plenty to do with a husband, young child, church, work, and family. I wanted something that was just for me and from me to enjoy working on during the wee hours when everyone in the house was asleep and I was awake thinking and dreaming.


I kept waiting for the “right” time to make FLM Magazine happen. I came close several times, but just as I was ready to dive into the deep something would happen to throw off my perfect timing. You know, the usual chaos separation, divorce, becoming a single parent, near poverty–it was close! Thank God, for my mother, grandmother, aunts, and uncles who came to my and my young child’s rescue. Needless to say; I had a great deal of material, but at the time; I felt as if all I could do was to keep swimming as fast as possible with my child on my back so we wouldn’t drown.


Maybe we will touch on it in Life O’Life … what do you think?

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