Faithful Friday (Holiday Countdown)

Fruit and cheese tray prep

Well, here we are; officially counting down the days until the all you can eat feast followed by all you can shop feast.

To be honest, this year; I’m kinda looking forward to cooking, but at the same time I know I have limitations and I have to smart and careful. Looking back to last year my family hated the catered meals. When I say they hated them…they hated the meals.

So, this year my husband and I discussed it and I will cook for the family. Here are a few things I will do to make sure I stay healthy and enjoy the process.


This Friday; I will:

  1. Budget, stick to it and not waver.
  2. Menu written and ready.
  3. Shopping for the turkey and ham to put in the freezer until; it’s time to cook.
  4. Cleaning the kitchen, fridge, stove, and deep freezer.
  5. Picking out my music! I’ve got to have a decent soundtrack when in the house and on the go.

More than anything; I must remember this is my gift to my family and that makes them and me happy.

Happy Faithful Friday my friend; I hope you find inspiration today.

Faithful Friday (Did You Remember To…)

Friday Rain
Friday’s Rain on the Lake

This was a busy rainy Friday and I’m still working around the house. Have you ever had one of those days when the list never ends?

The day started off a little later than I planned; that set the motion for me talking to myself asking “did you remember to…” I made a decision that I wasn’t going to ask myself that question anymore today because it only lead me deeper down the rabbit hole. I honestly can’t count the number of times I was overwhelmed today, but I stayed positive.

The next decision I made was not to beat myself up because I couldn’t do everything today. The kryptonite for this Superwoman today was time and time won! However, I’m still going to count this day as a victory here’s why:

I did remember to spend time meditating (even though my day started late; I was not about to sacrifice meditating).

I did remember to take a shower (that’s important especially when going out in public).

I did remember to smile at random people in the stores.

I did remember to walk the dog and check on the critters.

I did remember to stay grateful even when I had to walk all over the hardware store to find something that (I felt) should have been in the front of the store.

I did remember to post because it brings me joy.

My list was unbelievable today; I didn’t get everything done, but that’s okay. I will remember to do it tomorrow.

Happy Faithful Friday my friend!

Faithful Friday

Goodness and Mercy


Today; I choose goodness, victory, and mercy. A portion of goodness is defined as: “The condition or quality of being good.” That’s the kind of condition I want to have; not just today, but everyday even when it is hard and I want to go off on fifteen different levels. I choose goodness.


Today; I am grateful for the smallest of victories. If I can share a smile or a big belly laugh with someone; I will count that as victory.


Today; I choose mercy. Today; someone in my life may need a little mercy from me and I am willing to give it freely.


Surely goodness and mercy are small words, but they have a big victorious impact. Happy Faithful Friday my friend; I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Faithful Friday (Turkeys and Tea)

Turkeys and Tea


There are times when the changing seasons are more romantic than others; I love fall. The weather is cooling down and the temperatures are just right for a nice cup of hot tea; the fashionistas are forced to put on more clothing; I mean what’s not to like about fall?

Vegetable Stew

I love warm soups and slowly simmered stews running over with vegetables and herby goodness.

Sexy Man

I love seeing my husband put on his array of sweatshirts; that is one sexy man right there; keep back ladies; he’s all mine! (If you don’t see a post from me next week…)

Dawg Fireplace

The dog’s fur changes and sheds all over the place; it’s a wonder she has any left on her body.


The critters outside are busy getting their lives together.


Oh my goodness, finally! The turkeys have grown! As we get closer to Thanksgiving the turkeys are trying to find a safe place to hide (ha)! They are part of family life. The turkeys will not be harmed; if they can just keep their little butts out of the driveway; they should have a great fall as well.

So, on this Faithful Friday I’m finding the joy in this new season. What do you like most about this new season?

Faithful Friday (Reconnecting)

silhouette photo of man and woman

It’s been a busy week for us; we had a lot on our plates with the house and the other things of life that needed our attention. I was trying not to get too overwhelmed and go into a negative “head-space.” We needed to work as a team to get things done. We went to bed every evening beyond tired; finally the clouds of demands are starting to lift (just a bit).

I was reading the Song of Solomon Chapter 2 this morning; verse 16 captured my attention. “My lover is mind, and I am his…” I read it over and over “my lover is mine, and I am his…” This reminded me that it was time to reconnect with David. We work and work hard during the week it is easy not want to be in the “mood for love;” but it doesn’t have to be a chore. The woman in the song was enjoying the process of being loved and giving love to her man nothing else was a priority. She benefited from their time of reconnecting as well as he benefited; it was a shared experience.

So, this Faithful Friday; I am grateful for the physical act of intimacy, being in a quiet space with just us. We can go for a walk, sit on the porch or do nothing at all. Here’s what I know for sure; tonight; I will be deliberate when I look into his eyes over supper. I will tell him how much I appreciate him and all we have together. I know what will happen after that; I will enjoy the process of our shared experience of reconnecting.

What will you do this weekend to reconnect with your love?

Faithful Friday: The love of Pets

There is no doubt about it; pets have an important impact on our lives. Having a pet gives us something to think about besides ourselves.

Elly and David
Elly and My Husband David

They are loving companions and they can keep a secret. They will never tell what you said about anyone.

In the Driver’s Seat

If you are a pet owner—you know what I’m talking about; sometimes they are protectors, inspectors, provide comic relief, nosy, noisy, destructive balls of fur and we can’t imagine our lives without our pets.

Taking a nap

This Faithful Friday let’s celebrate our pets! What is your life like with your pet?

Friday’s Rain

There is something about being in the house when it’s raining that I never got over as a child. I love the sound, the smell and even the noise. To me, it’s peaceful and romantic except when I have to go out in the rain. Then it’s a different story.

I’m not a fan of getting wet especially my shoes and feet (to me, that’s the worst). I give up on my hair because I know it will fall flat; then balloon into something only a professional can repair. Traffic is a mess; I am uncomfortable. What happened to the wonder and splendor? It’s the same rain I had so much affection for; why am I not enjoying the moment in the rain?

Friday Rain
Friday’s Rain on the Lake

That’s the way it is with life’s situations. It’s better (for me) to watch and quarterback from a safe place where I won’t really have to touch or deal with what’s going on because it’s messy; I don’t feel warm, dry or safe. Being in the rain is uncomfortable and challenging. Is it the same for you?

I have to work when I go out into the rain. Watching where I step, being mindful of not only my movement, but someone else’s movement there is responsibility when I’m in the rain. I will question “why am I out here?” I scold myself “I should have done this when the weather was nicer.” When I am about to give up and into my emotions the rain stops. I quiet my thoughts and move on with the day’s tasks.

When I get home it starts to rain again; I’m relaxed, quiet, warm, dry and safe. My hair is still a mess, but that’s okay; “it will be fine;” I tell myself because it’s just something about the rain.

Rain Boots and Umbrella
Rain Boots and Umbrella ready for action on our front porch

Faithful Friday

“Dawn of Gratefulness” My view from our front door

Every morning just as the day is dawning. I open the front door to look out; not really expecting to see anything in particular. It is my way of starting the day knowing that I am grateful extremely grateful to see another day. It doesn’t mean that the day will run as smoothly as I wish or that I will get everything I want or done on my checklist during the day. It simply means that I choose gratitude every single day. Sometimes it lasts throughout the day and other times it is a struggle to stay positive, but I know a new day is dawning and I get to choose gratefulness for another day.

Finding Faith

I found something I thought I lost nearly 30 years ago; almost to the day! It is amazing; it is my “Faith Study Guide.” I remember I began writing it for a teaching series and for my future magazine I was planning when I was in the pastorate, but I never had the opportunity to teach it in church. When it was nearing completion everything blew up in my life. My marriage ended, I was lied on, my ministry ended, friends chose sides, job gone, car repossessed, house gone, and monies were gone seemly overnight. Talk about needing faith during that situation (teachers teach thyself). I was an absolute heartbroken mess! The icing on the cake was when my apartment caught fire and I lost the last remaining evidence of physical wealth you know (designer clothes, shoes, purses, furniture, and computer with all my writings). Your girl was stripped bare! I was in survival mode and yes, I was angry real angry, but I’m much better now (ha)!

How did that Faith Study Guide survive all those catastrophes? How did it end up in my box of “old stuff?” I thought I lost it, but my Faith and Faith Study Guide survived to be printed 30 years later in FLM Magazine! Wow, talk about full circle! Below is an excerpt (may not be reprinted without my expressed written consent)

Faith Study Guide Excerpt

Faithful Friday

David and Elenor
My husband David and our dog Eleanor

How Do You Maintain Your Faith?

How do you silence the outside noise that interferes with your life? How do you silence the noise in your head?

The noise level in our culture is a bit much at times. Current events are noisy, the news cycles are noisy, our work lives and co-workers are noisy, and let’s not forget that our loving families are noisy.

There are so many distractions in our culture today that are designed to “take your mind off of it for a while;” but you’re really substituting one level of noise for another. How will your faith survive all the noise?

This Faithful Friday let’s discover a few fun ways to maintain our faith when the noise wants to takeover.

  • Tell the noise to leave a message: you don’t have to listen to everything that comes your way. You don’t have to bury your head in the sand either, but you have the option to choose when you want to listen to outside noise.
  • Think about the kitty’s litterbox and what goes into it; if the noise is on that level…well you know what to do!
  • Take a wonderful bath!
  • Have some astonishing sex (with your spouse); leave your mark on his or her world! My husband loves number four; when I am stressed and searching for a quiet space he is one happy dude. If I do it right. He’s quiet for the rest of the week. I’m almost certain he can see God and his faith is renewed (ha)!
  • Go for a walk; log some miles on that fancy Fitness Watch. I did that recently and it was amazing. I had forgotten how nice it was to take a simple walk in nature and pray. My faith was renewed, my mind was clear, and it felt good.

It’s Friday. Enjoy the weekend, keep the faith, and block out the noise.

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