Music Monday



Can you think of a moment in your life when you didn’t hear music playing the background

I can’t either; every joyful moment, every sad moment, and even during the bored teenage years music was playing. There were times it seems as if the singers were looking into my window, singing my feelings even when I wasn’t sure of what I was feeling at the time.

How many of you out there are willing to admit when your favorite song played you grabbed the nearest object that quickly became your microphone. You sang the song better than anyone in your imagination (being on key didn’t matter); it was about the feeling of freedom and being transported to a different place. Those of us who are of a certain age will know when we were younger; we had to use our imaginations while singing along. We didn’t have to use our imaginations if we were fortunate enough to catch our favorite singers on variety shows (back-in-the-day); and shows that kept our faith elevated like Jubilee Showcase (how old and I?) that’s not the topic. We are talking about the transformative power music can have on us. Do you remember when music videos started? We no longer had to use our imaginations. The music was right before our eyes.

According to my mother music is and has been in my life since conception; (I have always thought the last part was too much information). It came as no surprise to her when in my later years I became a radio DJ; she looked at me and said “you are your father’s daughter.” Meaning, I inherited my love of music from my father. I enjoy the process of programming; interacting with artists and listeners. Sharing new music on New Music Sunday, walking down memory lane with sweet soulful gospel music, and pulling out the best gospel jazz I can get my hands on. I still get the jitters the night before my program; I’m almost certain that I will continue to get excited before a program. I’m looking forward to sharing music with you on Music Monday. Every Monday I will share new music as well as lifelong favorites. My most recent program was dedicated to the music memory of Aretha Franklin. You can catch my radio show live Sundays at 6:00 am CST on WNUR and rebroadcasts on Mixcloud

What’s your favorite music memory?

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