Faithful Friday (Turkeys and Tea)

Turkeys and Tea


There are times when the changing seasons are more romantic than others; I love fall. The weather is cooling down and the temperatures are just right for a nice cup of hot tea; the fashionistas are forced to put on more clothing; I mean what’s not to like about fall?

Vegetable Stew

I love warm soups and slowly simmered stews running over with vegetables and herby goodness.

Sexy Man

I love seeing my husband put on his array of sweatshirts; that is one sexy man right there; keep back ladies; he’s all mine! (If you don’t see a post from me next week…)

Dawg Fireplace

The dog’s fur changes and sheds all over the place; it’s a wonder she has any left on her body.


The critters outside are busy getting their lives together.


Oh my goodness, finally! The turkeys have grown! As we get closer to Thanksgiving the turkeys are trying to find a safe place to hide (ha)! They are part of family life. The turkeys will not be harmed; if they can just keep their little butts out of the driveway; they should have a great fall as well.

So, on this Faithful Friday I’m finding the joy in this new season. What do you like most about this new season?

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