Holiday Countdown Continues (What to wear?)

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That’s another added stress during the holiday. People are probably calling the host asking about the attire. For us; the name of the attire this holiday is comfort! We are wearing sweat pants, sweat shirts and holiday socks. This should accomplish several things.

  1. You don’t have to worry about a fashion show or the notorious fashionista. When people are comfortable in their clothing it seems to take the edge off.
  2. The hosts can relax; the last thing I want to do after planning for a month, shopping for weeks and cooking for days is put on something uncomfortable. I want to relax; of course my hair is fixed and my makeup is done well, but that’s all I need for the holiday pictures.
  3. If you have a shoe-free home. Guests can and will get offended when asked to remove their shoes, but if they know in advance to wear their crazy holidays socks and show them off. Well then that’s a family fun game and your floors are protected.
  4. Buy spare crazy holiday socks from Sam’s Club, Walmart, Dollar Tree or any other store #notsponsored; I bought a pack for men and women for about $6.99 each USD from Sam’s Club.

That takes care of what to wear; coming up next post “We hungry.”


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