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Who am I

I’m Wendy R. Leighton; the Editor-in-Chief of Faith, Life, and Music Magazine. In addition, I host a radio show beginning at 6:00 am CST every Sunday. “Sunday Morning Rise” on WNUR a not-for-profit station in the Evanston/Chicago area on the Northwestern University Campus 89.3 FM www.wnur.org, www.tunein.com, and rebroadcasts on www.mixcloud.com.  Listen; I’m learning if you don’t promote your work don’t expect others to promote your work.


I had the pleasure of co-authoring a book with my husband “Dating Again and Over Forty; Lord are You Serious?” We started writing that book through emails as friends laughing and talking about the craziness of dating while in our forties. When we began writing the book in ernest; he realized how awesome I was and that he couldn’t live any longer without me. He had no choice, but to beg me to marry him; I felt sorry for him and I did… (ha!)


Okay; back to the truth; I had the opportunity to guest freelance write for the Chicago Defender a local African American historical newspaper in the late 90s. I’m a voice over artist waiting for my big break. In anticipation for said greatness I wrote two commercials “Time Well Spent” and “This is My Retirement Party.” The demos are on the sidebar.


That’s it for now; let’s connect on social media. Facebook and Twitter under Wendy R. Leighton. I welcome all positive comments anything else will go into the cat’s litter box (we don’t have a cat.)


**I would love to hear your story and share music in the magazine and on the air. No need to feel shy send all written submissions to flmleighton@yahoo.com and all music .mp3 files to sundaymorningrise@yahoo.com.

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