Life O’Life (Finding Space)

I’m an avid reader; I enjoy sitting in my big comfy chair zoning out with a book at the end of day.

Finding Space

Last year when my husband and I were on a quest to downsize to a smaller place in hopes of simplifying our lives; we searched and found the small place of our dreams. We were ready!

As it turns out we were not ready! Not even close to ready. We gave away a lot of things and donated a lot, but we had more than what our new place could hold. We got rid of more stuff and just decided to roll with whatever.

We have learned a lot about our place. The best thing about our place; we no longer share a closet. He can have his and I can have mine. We settled on the layout for the living room and had no choice for the dining room and zero (to me) space in the kitchen. Then there’s the spare bedroom. I thought it would act as a multi-function room. It could change into a guest room for guests, home office for office work, space for my treadmill and my big comfy chair for reading.

We put the bed in there and that pretty much ate up all the space in the room. We managed to cram a few more things in the room, but yeah, we will count that one as a loss as well. That meant that my big chair had no place to go; a few days ago my husband told me he was getting rid of my chair. I had to think and think quickly! So, I created a reading nook inside my closet. I didn’t tell him my plan in advance (ladies we all know why). I waited until the time was right for him to move my chair into place. He thought I was crazy and still does, but that’s okay. My big comfy chair and I are doing just fine in our space.

Where is your personal creative chill space?

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