Life O’Life The Joy of Naps

I don’t know what it is about naps, but I freaking love them! They are the best on a cold rainy day, the best on a cold snowy day, the best on a warm summer day, the best during the fall and spring. I feel restored after a good nap. The king of all naps is on Sundays after I get home from the studio and church. If there is a game on that I’m not too invested in; it lulls me into the sweetest sleep ever in life. I don’t like it when my nap is disturbed. If the house, husband or dog are not on fire do not wake me up; it’s Sunday nap time for goodness sake.

Here are a few things to get you ready for a good nap as demonstrated by our dog Elly.

Elly’s Jedi napping pose

Find a space that’s all yours; you might have to slightly mark your territory, but that’s a part of life. “You cannot not make an omelette without breaking eggs; any good cook will tell you that.” ~Colonel Mustard, Clue


Have a little snack; you don’t want to sleep on an empty stomach. Oh, keep some water near just in case you get thirsty.

Gotta stay hydrated

Then let’er rip! There is nothing as sweet as a good nap.

Beyond REM Stage

Do you feel the same as we do about naps? I’d love to know.

Faithful Friday

Goodness and Mercy


Today; I choose goodness, victory, and mercy. A portion of goodness is defined as: “The condition or quality of being good.” That’s the kind of condition I want to have; not just today, but everyday even when it is hard and I want to go off on fifteen different levels. I choose goodness.


Today; I am grateful for the smallest of victories. If I can share a smile or a big belly laugh with someone; I will count that as victory.


Today; I choose mercy. Today; someone in my life may need a little mercy from me and I am willing to give it freely.


Surely goodness and mercy are small words, but they have a big victorious impact. Happy Faithful Friday my friend; I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Life O’Life

Mom and the Girls

20181010_154001Mom had her regular appointment with her doctor last Friday. I was communicating with her doctor through emails about any tests and the flu shot she need to take. He asked me when her last mammogram was; I couldn’t answer that question.  So, I asked my mother; she said she couldn’t remember. Needless to say she needed to get it done as soon as possible.

When we were in the exam; her doctor said they searched her records and couldn’t find any prior exams. I was scared and slightly angry; before I began caregiving for my mom; she could go to the doctor any time she wanted, but apparently she hasn’t had a mammogram. I asked her doctor if she could go that day. He agreed made some calls and we were in the imaging center within minutes. She didn’t want to go, but we told her she didn’t have a choice especially since her maternal grandmother had breast cancer that was caught in enough time; it resulted in a mastectomy, but she lived the rest of her life cancer-free to almost 100 years old.

I received an email today; they found something in both of my mom’s breasts. We have to schedule another more extensive exam. I will talk to her doctor this week so we can get the re-examination and talk about options. This is real; do not skip breast exams. If you cannot remember the last time you had a mammogram—it’s time to get one. If your mother, sister and friend cannot remember they need to go as well.

Speaking of going; I had mine last year and it’s time for another one. When was your last exam? I’d love to know.

Music Monday

Monday’s Soundtrack

I guess the title should read Monday’s Holiday Soundtrack; there is no more denying; the holidays are upon us. Like it or loath it; we might as well get ready. First up: music for Thanksgiving. You need something playing in the background to get past the awkward silence between bites and to distract someone from saying something stupid.

I learned the hard-way; it’s good to set up your music when you are in a good mood and before the rush of buying food, cooking, cleaning and all the other things that will dampen your desire to entertain.

Here are my suggestions for Thanksgiving; Friendsgiving; I ain’t giving a ***beep*** Holiday music. You can build a custom playlist using Amazon or any other music app or source. #not sponsored by Amazon or any other music app

“Little Birdie” by Vince Guaraldi  (a bit of table trivia: Vince also sang the song)

Vince Guaraldi
Little Birdie

This song is a great distraction; the children will recognize it from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and the adults will remember it from their childhood. If all goes well it should spark the “do you remember” conversations.

This is a nice collection to have on hand. Les Paul Roque’s trio of CDs

Les Paul Roque

Les Paul Roque

Les Paull Roque

I hope you’re inspired to at least think about your upcoming holiday soundtrack. Let me know your music choices.

Happy Music Monday!

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Faithful Friday (Turkeys and Tea)

Turkeys and Tea


There are times when the changing seasons are more romantic than others; I love fall. The weather is cooling down and the temperatures are just right for a nice cup of hot tea; the fashionistas are forced to put on more clothing; I mean what’s not to like about fall?

Vegetable Stew

I love warm soups and slowly simmered stews running over with vegetables and herby goodness.

Sexy Man

I love seeing my husband put on his array of sweatshirts; that is one sexy man right there; keep back ladies; he’s all mine! (If you don’t see a post from me next week…)

Dawg Fireplace

The dog’s fur changes and sheds all over the place; it’s a wonder she has any left on her body.


The critters outside are busy getting their lives together.


Oh my goodness, finally! The turkeys have grown! As we get closer to Thanksgiving the turkeys are trying to find a safe place to hide (ha)! They are part of family life. The turkeys will not be harmed; if they can just keep their little butts out of the driveway; they should have a great fall as well.

So, on this Faithful Friday I’m finding the joy in this new season. What do you like most about this new season?

Life O’Life (Finding Space)

I’m an avid reader; I enjoy sitting in my big comfy chair zoning out with a book at the end of day.

Finding Space

Last year when my husband and I were on a quest to downsize to a smaller place in hopes of simplifying our lives; we searched and found the small place of our dreams. We were ready!

As it turns out we were not ready! Not even close to ready. We gave away a lot of things and donated a lot, but we had more than what our new place could hold. We got rid of more stuff and just decided to roll with whatever.

We have learned a lot about our place. The best thing about our place; we no longer share a closet. He can have his and I can have mine. We settled on the layout for the living room and had no choice for the dining room and zero (to me) space in the kitchen. Then there’s the spare bedroom. I thought it would act as a multi-function room. It could change into a guest room for guests, home office for office work, space for my treadmill and my big comfy chair for reading.

We put the bed in there and that pretty much ate up all the space in the room. We managed to cram a few more things in the room, but yeah, we will count that one as a loss as well. That meant that my big chair had no place to go; a few days ago my husband told me he was getting rid of my chair. I had to think and think quickly! So, I created a reading nook inside my closet. I didn’t tell him my plan in advance (ladies we all know why). I waited until the time was right for him to move my chair into place. He thought I was crazy and still does, but that’s okay. My big comfy chair and I are doing just fine in our space.

Where is your personal creative chill space?

Music Monday

Music Monday

Sunday Morning Rise

Is there anything better than a nice soundtrack to get you through your day? I may possibly be biased, but I say no; I love being a radio host; playing music with just the right amount of banter (hopefully) is a dream.

IMG_20170212_054841Next Sunday we will have listener’s choice on Sunday Morning Rise. Mark Chambers, a listener in Florida was chosen; we spoke briefly on the phone to finalize plans Sunday when I was in the studio. I’m looking forward to his music selections.

What music would you select if you were given the opportunity to be a DJ for the day? I would love to know.

Faithful Friday (Reconnecting)

silhouette photo of man and woman

It’s been a busy week for us; we had a lot on our plates with the house and the other things of life that needed our attention. I was trying not to get too overwhelmed and go into a negative “head-space.” We needed to work as a team to get things done. We went to bed every evening beyond tired; finally the clouds of demands are starting to lift (just a bit).

I was reading the Song of Solomon Chapter 2 this morning; verse 16 captured my attention. “My lover is mind, and I am his…” I read it over and over “my lover is mine, and I am his…” This reminded me that it was time to reconnect with David. We work and work hard during the week it is easy not want to be in the “mood for love;” but it doesn’t have to be a chore. The woman in the song was enjoying the process of being loved and giving love to her man nothing else was a priority. She benefited from their time of reconnecting as well as he benefited; it was a shared experience.

So, this Faithful Friday; I am grateful for the physical act of intimacy, being in a quiet space with just us. We can go for a walk, sit on the porch or do nothing at all. Here’s what I know for sure; tonight; I will be deliberate when I look into his eyes over supper. I will tell him how much I appreciate him and all we have together. I know what will happen after that; I will enjoy the process of our shared experience of reconnecting.

What will you do this weekend to reconnect with your love?

Music Monday

gray scale photography of turntable

Let’s pick up where we left off last Music Monday.

I listened to John Coltrane’s “Dear Lord” trying to remember where I heard the song. My friend’s father asked me if I liked the song. That was the first time a song overwhelmed my emotions. I couldn’t explain what was going on with that particular song.

The pizzas arrived and I went back into teenage mode; still trying to understand why that song had such an immediate impact on me emotionally.

I talked to my mother about the song; she was not interested; she was not a fan of Jazz and didn’t play it in the house. I think the closest she came to Jazz was Johnny Mathis. I wanted my mom to feel the same way I did about the song; I wanted her to melt into the different levels as I did and more than anything; I wanted to share this Gospel Jazz experience with her.

Friday was allowance day! I already knew what I was gonna do with a portion of earnings. I went straight to the record shop; yes, we didn’t have the ability to go online to buy the music; we had to search for the music on foot. I was so excited to have the album in my hands. I couldn’t get home fast enough to play the song for my mother.

When I got home with my prized song possession my uncle was there; I told him to listen to what I bought. I began playing the song. I noticed the look on my uncle’s face he said “where did you get this?” Before I could answer; my mom came into the living room screaming “turn that off Wendy; I don’t want to hear another sound out of it or you tonight!” “Get that out of my house now!” I was trying to tell her that it was a Gospel Jazz song. She was not having it at all; she started walking towards me; my uncle stood in her path and I’m certain at the moment saved my little teenager life. I could not understand what was going on; I wanted my mom to feel the same as I did about the song. She felt something for sure, but it was not what I expected her to feel.

I went next door to my grandmother’s house. That’s where I typically went when I was in trouble and mom needed her space. I told my grandmother what happened and that it wasn’t a bad song, but mom went off the rails; I couldn’t understand. A few minutes later my uncle sat next to me on the sofa; he asked me if I was okay. “All I wanted to do was to listen to that song; I remember it, but for some reason; I don’t know.” My uncle looked at my grandmother she nodded and left the room; then he told me about that song.

More next time…

What songs do you remember playing at home that caused a stir in your house growing up? I would love to know.

Faithful Friday: The love of Pets

There is no doubt about it; pets have an important impact on our lives. Having a pet gives us something to think about besides ourselves.

Elly and David
Elly and My Husband David

They are loving companions and they can keep a secret. They will never tell what you said about anyone.

In the Driver’s Seat

If you are a pet owner—you know what I’m talking about; sometimes they are protectors, inspectors, provide comic relief, nosy, noisy, destructive balls of fur and we can’t imagine our lives without our pets.

Taking a nap

This Faithful Friday let’s celebrate our pets! What is your life like with your pet?

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