Holiday Countdown Cooking with Oils

Since this is the first holiday meal. We tend to take special care to make sure it is well, special. Have you seen the prices of fancy oils? The prices are over the top the for sure. I make my own oils and I enjoy cooking with the oils. Below are my two favorite oil creations I use when I’m cooking for the big day. I hope you give them a try. Make sure to store the oils in the refrigerator and let me know.

I like to use grapeseed oil as the base.
I like using Basil and Dill Weed to make my oils
Pour the dried herbs into your clean bottles. I bought these from Dollar Tree.
Pour Grapeseed oil or any oil you prefer other than coconut it won’t work. Over the herbs.
Finally seal the oil with the topper and place in the fridge.
There you have it; homemade specialty oil for a fraction of the price. It should take about 5 minutes to prep. 


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