Faithful Friday (Reconnecting)

silhouette photo of man and woman

It’s been a busy week for us; we had a lot on our plates with the house and the other things of life that needed our attention. I was trying not to get too overwhelmed and go into a negative “head-space.” We needed to work as a team to get things done. We went to bed every evening beyond tired; finally the clouds of demands are starting to lift (just a bit).

I was reading the Song of Solomon Chapter 2 this morning; verse 16 captured my attention. “My lover is mind, and I am his…” I read it over and over “my lover is mine, and I am his…” This reminded me that it was time to reconnect with David. We work and work hard during the week it is easy not want to be in the “mood for love;” but it doesn’t have to be a chore. The woman in the song was enjoying the process of being loved and giving love to her man nothing else was a priority. She benefited from their time of reconnecting as well as he benefited; it was a shared experience.

So, this Faithful Friday; I am grateful for the physical act of intimacy, being in a quiet space with just us. We can go for a walk, sit on the porch or do nothing at all. Here’s what I know for sure; tonight; I will be deliberate when I look into his eyes over supper. I will tell him how much I appreciate him and all we have together. I know what will happen after that; I will enjoy the process of our shared experience of reconnecting.

What will you do this weekend to reconnect with your love?

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