Music Monday

gray scale photography of turntable

Let’s pick up where we left off last Music Monday.

I listened to John Coltrane’s “Dear Lord” trying to remember where I heard the song. My friend’s father asked me if I liked the song. That was the first time a song overwhelmed my emotions. I couldn’t explain what was going on with that particular song.

The pizzas arrived and I went back into teenage mode; still trying to understand why that song had such an immediate impact on me emotionally.

I talked to my mother about the song; she was not interested; she was not a fan of Jazz and didn’t play it in the house. I think the closest she came to Jazz was Johnny Mathis. I wanted my mom to feel the same way I did about the song; I wanted her to melt into the different levels as I did and more than anything; I wanted to share this Gospel Jazz experience with her.

Friday was allowance day! I already knew what I was gonna do with a portion of earnings. I went straight to the record shop; yes, we didn’t have the ability to go online to buy the music; we had to search for the music on foot. I was so excited to have the album in my hands. I couldn’t get home fast enough to play the song for my mother.

When I got home with my prized song possession my uncle was there; I told him to listen to what I bought. I began playing the song. I noticed the look on my uncle’s face he said “where did you get this?” Before I could answer; my mom came into the living room screaming “turn that off Wendy; I don’t want to hear another sound out of it or you tonight!” “Get that out of my house now!” I was trying to tell her that it was a Gospel Jazz song. She was not having it at all; she started walking towards me; my uncle stood in her path and I’m certain at the moment saved my little teenager life. I could not understand what was going on; I wanted my mom to feel the same as I did about the song. She felt something for sure, but it was not what I expected her to feel.

I went next door to my grandmother’s house. That’s where I typically went when I was in trouble and mom needed her space. I told my grandmother what happened and that it wasn’t a bad song, but mom went off the rails; I couldn’t understand. A few minutes later my uncle sat next to me on the sofa; he asked me if I was okay. “All I wanted to do was to listen to that song; I remember it, but for some reason; I don’t know.” My uncle looked at my grandmother she nodded and left the room; then he told me about that song.

More next time…

What songs do you remember playing at home that caused a stir in your house growing up? I would love to know.

3 Replies to “Music Monday”

  1. Now, I’m listening to the Chozen Brothaz. Very interesting. It’s right out of the realms of my experience. I’m Australian and I learn the violin and am going through the Suzuki books, which have a lot of Bach. So, if it weren’t for listening to the radio in the car and Church, My music world is centuries out of date and I’m doing a serious time warp. I’m really enjoying it.
    Back in 1992, I lived in Heidelberg in Germany and went to an American Baptist military Church and that was very different to anything I’d known here and people would call out “Praise the Lord” etc. So much more expressive. It was beautiful. We currently attend Hope Unlimited Church and Darlene Zschech is our Senior Pastor. So, we get a lot of the very latest music coming through. I haven’t caught up though. I am playing Keith Green’s “LOrd, you’re Beautiful” on my violin.
    By the way, this song is incredible. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll going to pass it on.
    Best wishes,


      1. So true. Ive spent the last couple of days with my daughter at a local dance eisteddfod, and in addition to watching all the incredible dancing, there was a smorgasbord of musical styles and it was was quite a journey. I’m not into rap or hip hop but it was good to experience it anyway. I tend to play music that’s at least 200 years old so it was great to experience this diversity and so uplifting.


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