Friday’s Rain

There is something about being in the house when it’s raining that I never got over as a child. I love the sound, the smell and even the noise. To me, it’s peaceful and romantic except when I have to go out in the rain. Then it’s a different story.

I’m not a fan of getting wet especially my shoes and feet (to me, that’s the worst). I give up on my hair because I know it will fall flat; then balloon into something only a professional can repair. Traffic is a mess; I am uncomfortable. What happened to the wonder and splendor? It’s the same rain I had so much affection for; why am I not enjoying the moment in the rain?

Friday Rain
Friday’s Rain on the Lake

That’s the way it is with life’s situations. It’s better (for me) to watch and quarterback from a safe place where I won’t really have to touch or deal with what’s going on because it’s messy; I don’t feel warm, dry or safe. Being in the rain is uncomfortable and challenging. Is it the same for you?

I have to work when I go out into the rain. Watching where I step, being mindful of not only my movement, but someone else’s movement there is responsibility when I’m in the rain. I will question “why am I out here?” I scold myself “I should have done this when the weather was nicer.” When I am about to give up and into my emotions the rain stops. I quiet my thoughts and move on with the day’s tasks.

When I get home it starts to rain again; I’m relaxed, quiet, warm, dry and safe. My hair is still a mess, but that’s okay; “it will be fine;” I tell myself because it’s just something about the rain.

Rain Boots and Umbrella
Rain Boots and Umbrella ready for action on our front porch

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