Faithful Friday

David and Elenor
My husband David and our dog Eleanor

How Do You Maintain Your Faith?

How do you silence the outside noise that interferes with your life? How do you silence the noise in your head?

The noise level in our culture is a bit much at times. Current events are noisy, the news cycles are noisy, our work lives and co-workers are noisy, and let’s not forget that our loving families are noisy.

There are so many distractions in our culture today that are designed to “take your mind off of it for a while;” but you’re really substituting one level of noise for another. How will your faith survive all the noise?

This Faithful Friday let’s discover a few fun ways to maintain our faith when the noise wants to takeover.

  • Tell the noise to leave a message: you don’t have to listen to everything that comes your way. You don’t have to bury your head in the sand either, but you have the option to choose when you want to listen to outside noise.
  • Think about the kitty’s litterbox and what goes into it; if the noise is on that level…well you know what to do!
  • Take a wonderful bath!
  • Have some astonishing sex (with your spouse); leave your mark on his or her world! My husband loves number four; when I am stressed and searching for a quiet space he is one happy dude. If I do it right. He’s quiet for the rest of the week. I’m almost certain he can see God and his faith is renewed (ha)!
  • Go for a walk; log some miles on that fancy Fitness Watch. I did that recently and it was amazing. I had forgotten how nice it was to take a simple walk in nature and pray. My faith was renewed, my mind was clear, and it felt good.

It’s Friday. Enjoy the weekend, keep the faith, and block out the noise.

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