Faith, Life, and Music Magazine

Welcome to Faith, Life, and Music Magazine. Here’s what to expect from yet another online magazine. The articles will be brief (hopefully); pictures to inspire you; music memories to make you smile, and information that may come in handy one day.



The Faith side will share stories from “everyday people” who have gained wisdom through their Journeys of Faith. Some stories will appear in one-edition while others may expand over two or more editions.



Life O’Life! If you’re caring for anyone other than yourself or a pet inside your home or outside of your home. You know life with all the challenges it can and will bring especially as we care for our parents. You need information and inspiration to let you know that you’re not alone. We will have agency information for elder care and hotline numbers when you’re feeling overwhelmed and just need to talk to someone. Quick budget-friendly recipes showing you how to cook when there are people in your home with multiple diet requirements.



Music calms the savage beast… or so it’s said; it’s interesting that the beginning of your favorite song from your childhood can instantly transport you to a time of carefree dancing and singing into the nearest hairbrush or broomstick unashamed belting out the wrong lyrics, but loving and living for every note. We will talk about songs in all genres; while giving attention through interviews with independent artists in the industry and yes, gospel music will top the list.

I hope you enjoy Faith, Life, and Music Magazine.

Let’s connect on social media; just like the magazine it’s free: you can find me on Facebook and Twitter. 

Wendy R. Leighton



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